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Star Wars is new official reference scale

Low polygon model of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi with a Stormtrooper and AT-AT for scaleI began this model of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi some while back, but only now have I got around to finishing it. It’s a low polygon model, nothing fancy or intricate, and the dimensions are as best as I can get from the literature. The temple today is about as ruined as anything could be, so everything above ground is pretty much conjecture, although there are rules to Greek architecture and some well-preserved examples, so it’s likely not far off.

The model was made using Autodesk Maya and rendered in 3ds Max. It has a simple ambient occlusion material applied and it would originally have been polychrome, i.e. it would have been pretty gaudy!

The Stormtrooper 1 and AT-AT 2 are there for scale. The Stormtrooper is c. 1.8m and AT-AT is, I don’t know, as big as it is. Who knows? It’s not as if it’s real thing or anything. Anyway, it’s scaled to the height of the Stormtrooper based on an image I found searching on Google. Deal with it.