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How to Fix AutoCorrect in Word 2016

Why is the right click > AutoCorrect menu missing from Word 2016?

how to enable right click autocorrect options in word 2016I’ve always liked using Office. Sure, it has its problems, but over the years I’ve just learned to work around them or with them. I also have Office for my Mac which is, honestly, rubbish. As I’m a really sloppy typist, the most rubbish part of Office for Mac is the lack of AutoCorrect options when right clicking. I always thought this was a deliberate act of spite on Microsoft’s part, but alas no, as they have now inflicted this on PC users with Word 2016.

Click the image on the right to see how daft it is to have left out this option. A fresh, out-of-the-box installation of Word 2016 doesn’t have ‘Microsoft’s’ in the dictionary. In any previous version of Word you would right click > AutoCorrect > AutoCorrect Options and then tell Word how you want AutoCorrect to handle the new word, in this case, capitalising the first letter. Now compare this to the limited options available in Word 2016. (more…)